Melissa Lake - Your On-Call Administrative Assistant
An On-Call Assistant allows for Cost Control
      An Administrative Consultant is also a small business owner who is 100% responsible in assuming all tax obligations for their income.  You do not have to pay for vacation, sick days, holidays and provide other benefits. In addition, when you hire an On-Call/Administrative Consultant, they use their own computer, software and office equipment, so you do not need to be burdened with these expenses. The only thing you pay is their hourly charge or retainer for the time they are actually working on your job.There is a time-tracking software which keeps track of the time spent on your project.
Pay per Hour, Project, or a Monthly Retainer
On-Call or Administrative Consultants can provide you with services on an as-needed basis. If you only require a couple of hours of service for a project, an hourly rate might be the best method. Other times a quote for a one-time project is best. Or you may find a monthly retainer for set hours is your best option for Administrative Assistance.
All work inquiries are considered custom jobs and will receive a quote based on
the duties, skill level, complexity of project, and projected timeline.

Average cost per hour range = $25-$35 per hour.
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If you need immediate assistance please contact Melissa directly.
Office Phone: 920-382-9605
Office Fax: 920-482-2934
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